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Cartier invoice (1938)

Cartier invoice (1938)

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A fine example of luxury and progress, Cartier.

Cartier invoice for Pierre Vernes. May 31, 1938, Paris. 21 cm x 27 cm. In French. Excellent condition.

We are not going to talk here about a great historic personality, but about a great historic brand: Cartier. Cartier is a company in the luxury sector that designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewelry, watches, eyewear, perfumes, handbags and wallets. Founded in Paris in 1847, the brand became known for its many famous customers and for being a pioneer in watchmaking.

That is why it is very well known in Brazil, but there is also a particular reason: it was during a Parisian night, in the early 1900s, that the Brazilian adventurer, Alberto Santos Dumont, confided to his friend Louis Cartier that it was extremely dangerous for him. look at the pocket watch when at altitude. After this exchange and with the help of master watchmaker Edmond Jaeger, Louis Cartier devised the first wristwatch of the time.

In 1904, Cartier offered his friend Santos Dumont a prototype that would allow him to read the time while keeping his hands on the machine controls. Square case, visible screws, Roman numerals, etc. The watch is classic, elegant and functional at the same time. As a personality of the Belle Époque in Paris, Alberto Santos Dumont made the new piece that wore his wrist an object of desire. In 1911, Louis Cartier decided to market the watch he called the Santos and sold eight hundred copies between 1911 and 1973. Cartier still sells the prestigious watch which can be found on its website.

By the way, I always wondered where this famous watch that belonged to Santos Dumont was… could it be that it was lost or is it kept by a collector, museum or heir?

Unfortunately, we will not dream. The invoice that I present to you here is not from Santos Dumont's watch. It is dated 1938 and addressed to Pierre Vernes, owner of a large French bank - called Palatina bank today - who had ordered a "polished gold cigarette case with sapphire pushers" for 10,500 francs, equivalent to 2.8 million francs. of reals currently! I found it very aesthetic with the different coats of arms of the brand, the typography of the logo, the prestigious addresses of the stores - 15, Rue de la Paix, Paris, Fifth Avenue New York, New Bond Street London - and of course the description of this exceptional gem.

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