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Set of unpublished photographs of Pelé (1977)

Set of unpublished photographs of Pelé (1977)

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In 1977, in New York, the legend says goodbye: the last game of Pelé's career.

Set of fifteen never-before-seen, large-format photographs of Pelé's last game at the Cosmos, by French journalist Pierre Domenech of the daily La Provence. October 1, 1977, New York. 29.5 cm x 21 cm. Black and white. Excellent condition.

Pelé is considered unique for his exceptional technique, his vision of the game, and his impact on the development of football as a global sport. He won three World Championships with Brazil, in 1958, 1962 and 1970. And he scored over 1,000 goals during his professional career. Pelé is also known for his humility and generosity off the pitch, making him a role model for football fans across the world.

Such a talented player deserved a match worthy of his exploits, 20 years after his first world championship with Brazil, won at the age of 17. On October 1, 1977, more than 77,000 people attended Pelé's farewell, at Giants Stadium, during a friendly match between the only two clubs of his career, Cosmos and Santos.

Unable to choose between one of the two formations, he defended the North American colors in the first half, before wearing the Santos shirt after the break. As a myth never dies, Pelé stood out in this match, tying 1-1 to New York, with a powerful free kick. However, he failed to score in the second half as the Big Apple players won 2-1. But who cares? New York's win remains even more anecdotal than the champion's lap of honor in the rain. That comeback was followed by a rousing tribute from the Cosmos announcing, in true American tradition, that the number 10 has been retired, and no player will wear it any longer at the club. Another tribute, even more vibrant, was also paid at the end of the game: that of Mohamed Ali, a close friend, whom the king joined in heaven.

These never-before-seen photos come from a journalist working for a major newspaper in Marseille, France's second-largest city. He traveled to New York for this legendary match and took this series of photos. I don't have any negatives and I believe they were lost or destroyed. The photos are original and according to my research, are unique and have never been published. The fact that they are large and in perfect condition allows us to see many details, in addition to assuming the dimension that Pelé had there: the stage for his speech, a fan running towards him, his face and the word “love” or “Pelé The Man” directed at him on a giant screen, various actions of the game, the horde of journalists, the pre- and post-game concerts, the surroundings of the stadium, his lap of honor, Mohamed Ali, etc. In short, a touching and unmissable testimony for football fans who miss the King.

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