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Scientific correspondence of Dom Pedro II (1870s, 1880s)

Scientific correspondence of Dom Pedro II (1870s, 1880s)

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A man of progress, the Emperor of Brazil seeks all scientific innovations in Paris and strives to create bridges between his country and France.

  • Set of 7 handwritten letters from Dom Pedro II, one to Jules Taschereau (1873) and six others to Marcellin Berthelot.
  • 7 sheets, 8 pages.
  • In French.
  • +/- 13 cm x 21 cm.
  • Petrópolis, Rio and Cannes: between 1873 and 1888.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique set.

Extracts translated from French

Petrópolis, March 13, 1873. "To Mr. Taschereau, director of the National Library in Paris. I commend you to Dr. Ramis Galuad, director of the National Library in Rio. I hope you make him admire all the riches of your library, where you were so kind with me. Your affectionate colleague, D. Pedro d'Alcântara."

Rio, April 23, 1874. "Dear Professor, The memory of my visit to your laboratory at the Collège de France remains very vivid in my memory, and compels me to recommend to you Dr. Freire, who has just qualified for the chair of Organic Chemistry at the School of Medicine from Rio for a brilliant competition. He was sent to study in Europe. I am sure that he will honor the reception of the scholars and the feelings with which I am yours, D. Pedro d'Alcântara."

Paris, June 6, 1877. "Sir, I hope you can be at your laboratory at the Collège de France on the 9th for a few moments of conversation that so many commitments in Paris have not allowed me to have elsewhere with you. I plan to visit your laboratory between 1 and 2 o'clock. Yours affectionate colleague, D. Pedro d'Alcântara."

Rio, April 14, 1880. "Sir, You know my love for science, which incidentally is too platonic in the position I occupy, and my sincere esteem for those who are lucky enough to be able to contribute to scientific progress; That is why I naturally express how much I look forward to reading your essay on chemical mechanics. The wise men even force me to reserve myself regarding theories, but the principle of maximum work will make you further enrich the domain of synthesis. always in your affection, D. Pedro d'Alcântara."

Rio, September 14, 1882. "Sir, I recommend to you again a Brazilian of scientific merit, Dr. Ferreira dos Santos, associate professor at the Rio School of Medicine. He will improve his chemical studies and I greatly expect your help for the services he will provide to your science in my country. I have long seen your name only in reports, however I am sure that you believe in the interest that you would like to communicate to me in your letters, especially if it could contribute to the progress of the study of chemistry in my country. country. Fortunately, I notice a little more scientific movement. I ask you to always count on the sincere esteem of your affectionate friend, D. Pedro d'Alcântara."

Petrópolis, March 20, 1887. "Sir, As a Brazilian, I appreciate your collaboration in the magazine that advertises itself as dedicated to all the interests of my country and I am happy to provide information that relates to the physical sciences, which you know I occupy myself with as much as my position allows me In asking you to remember the good memories of our colleagues, I take this opportunity to express all the esteem I have for you, your affectionate colleague, D. Pedro d'Alcântara."

Cannes, January 18, 1888. "Sir, Your letter has caused me great pleasure, as indeed you should be quite sure, as you know how much I esteem you. I am sure that your recommendations will find the best reception on the part of my son-in-law and my daughter. Always inform me about your work, as you know perfectly well the interest that your affectionate colleague has in them.

A man of goodness, science, culture and progress, Dom Pedro II reigned over Brazil for fifty-eight years. Upon inheriting, in succession from his father in 1831, an Empire on the verge of ruin, he profoundly transformed his country to elevate it to a free, civic and emerging power on the international scene.

Generally considered, to this day, as the greatest man in Brazilian History, his behavior aroused the respect and admiration of many European scientists and writers, such as Darwin, Hugo, Pasteur, Bell and Nietzsche.

"I was born to dedicate myself to culture and the sciences", he wrote in his private diary in 1862. Speaking more than ten languages, he was a member of the Royal Society, the Russian and Belgian Academy of Sciences, the American Geographical Society, and was Elected in 1975 to the Academy of Sciences in France. Wanting to put his knowledge at the service of his country, he actively developed national education, scientific and artistic research.

Important correspondences from Dom Pedro II - in my opinion, one of the most fascinating personalities in Brazilian History - are increasingly rare, this is perhaps the last. This set is particularly interesting because it shows - in the last years of his reign - how much Dom Pedro II loved the sciences, how he made an effort to value and advance Brazil with the help of France, the two countries that had a profound impact on his life.

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