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Dedication with a drawing by Raymond Peynet (1954)

Dedication with a drawing by Raymond Peynet (1954)

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Raymond Peynet, the creator of the famous "lovers", draws a typical drawing and signs it inside a children's book.

French children's book "le livre des indiens" with a drawing and the signature of Raymond Peynet who made all the illustrations. The author, Bertrand Flornoy, wrote a dedication on the same page. In French. 27 pages. 19 cm x 22 cm. 1954. Good condition. Single piece.

Raymond Peynet (1908 - 1999) was a French designer, born in Paris, who made illustrations for advertising, catalogs and department stores. In 1942, he created a famous couple of lovers, "les amoureux de Peynet", which internationally symbolize French romanticism. There are four museums in the world, two in France and two in Japan.

Peynet's work is unique; she celebrates with a lot of poetry romanticism, love, boyfriends... values ​​and feelings mistreated by society today. This letter written in 1944, in the midst of World War II, is very symbolic: love against war...

Symbols of "French Romanticism", Raymond Peynet's original drawings are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors around the world, especially in Europe, the United States and Japan.

The book "le livre des indiens" is a classic of children's literature: copies of this first edition are rare and Peynet's drawing representing "two little birds", above his signature, adds even more value to this already unusual document.

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