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Dedication by Chico Xavier (1970)

Dedication by Chico Xavier (1970)

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In 1970, Chico Xavier signed a dedication to a group of “brothers” from Uberaba.

  • Dedication by Chico Xavier to Pedro, Hinan, Leoniza, Leticia, Maria Luiza and Omar, on the first page of his book “A Caminho da Luz”.
  • In Portuguese.
  • 12 cm x 17.5 cm.
  • Uberaba, July 24, 1970.
  • Good condition.
  • Unique piece.

To dear brothers
Pedro, Hinan, Leoniza
Leticia, Maria Luiza
and Omar, with
affectionate hug

Chico Xavier


Brazilians consider him the greatest man their country has ever known. He does not owe his fame to politics, nor to music, nor to football. Chico Xavier (1910-2002) was the most amazing medium of the 20th century. According to a popularity survey carried out in 2006 by Época magazine, he is at the top, with twice as many votes as his immediate successor, the formula 1 ace, Ayrton Senna, who died on a circuit in 1994. When his birthday was celebrated Since his birth in 2010, there have been a multitude of tributes, including a film, which bears his name and portrays his life, which set a new box office record for a national production.

A mixed-race child, too poor to study, an adult with an unfavorable appearance, suffering from chronic cataracts and early baldness that forced him to wear dark glasses and a wig, Chico Xavier became a true idol, the object of a popular cult. Thanks, of course, to his mysterious gifts that promoted him to become an apostle of Brazilian spiritualism. But also for his exemplary life, which never fails, as a pure, honest, disinterested man, a tireless worker and deeply altruistic. Many of his compatriots see signs of holiness in him.

In 1970, the year of this dedication, Chico Xavier was a guest on a famous television program: the audience reached that night was never surpassed. In 1981, Brazil mobilized to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. In vain. Under the aegis of the medium, Brazil becomes the adopted homeland of spiritualism, its third religion: 20 million sympathizers. The 1970s was a period of increasing recognition and dissemination of Chico Xavier's work, not only within the spiritist movement, but also in the broader cultural and religious scene in Brazil, consolidating Xavier's reputation as one of the most influential people in the country.

The autograph document that I present here is interesting in several aspects:

  • "O Caminho da Luz" is one of the books psychographed by Chico Xavier, attributed to the spirit Emmanuel, one of the medium's main spiritual guides. Published for the first time in 1939, this copy of the sixth edition stands out in Xavier's bibliography for approaching the history of humanity from a spiritualist perspective. It is considered a fundamental work for scholars and followers of Spiritism.

  • We don't know who Pedro, Hinan, Leoniza, Leticia, Maria Luiza and Omar were, but Chico Xavier established deep ties with many people in Uberaba, treating many of his friends and followers as his spiritual family. He dedicated a large part of his life to mediumistic and charitable work, with the support of a broad community of individuals dedicated to the spiritist cause. However, dedications to a group of people are quite uncommon.

  • The dedication was signed in Uberaba, where the medium moved in 1959. Uberaba became the center of his activities, attracting people from all over Brazil and the world in search of guidance, spiritual comfort and the opportunity to be close to the medium . The document is in very good condition and was signed "Chico Xavier", although on many occasions he signed only as "Chico".

Manuscripts and dedications by Chico Xavier rarely appear on the market, and when they do, they are often in poor condition. The medium was often described as a person of great humility, who did not seek personal or material recognition for his work. This may have contributed to the scarcity of items personally signed or dedicated by him. Its main intention was to disseminate spiritist teachings, not the creation of objects of personal value.

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