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Mistinguett's dedication for the inauguration of the Copacabana Palace (1923)

Mistinguett's dedication for the inauguration of the Copacabana Palace (1923)

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In 1923, opening the Copacabana Palace, the illustrious French artist Mistinguett expresses her love for Brazil.

Mistinguett's dedication to an unknown recipient. One page. In French. 13.5 cm x 20 cm. Rio De Janeiro, August 20, 1923. Good condition. Single piece.

Loving is nothing, being loved is everything. I love Brazil.
Rio 20 August 23

Mistinguett (1875 - 1956), legendary French singer and actress, started out as a florist, singing songs for clients and dreaming of shining on stage. With the help of her parents, she decided to invest in dance and singing lessons. It premiered at the Casino de Paris in 1895, also appearing in shows at the Folies Bergère or the Moulin Rouge. Very sensual, her performances conquered the public in Paris and soon after the world, becoming the most popular and richest star of her time. In 1919, he secured his legs, the fantasy and desire of millions of fans, through a millionaire policy at the time.

Mistinguett had a very long career as a singer, but she was also a symbol of the avant-garde for her clothing style and attitudes, being the first to wear short hair, show off her legs and smoke, habits later enshrined by Coco Chanel. He also worked on the first French films, still silent at the time. In all its activities, it always maintained direct contact with the public. Very charismatic and beautiful, she hypnotized the public and... the men, such as the young Maurice Chevalier, an Indian maharajah, son of Queen Victoria of England and a rich Brazilian with whom she had a son.

This document was written by Mistinguett, in Rio De Janeiro, a week after her participation in the inauguration of the Copacabana Palace, as a singer, on August 13, 1923.

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