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Nick Park drawing

Nick Park drawing

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Original drawing signed by Nick Parl, the creator of the hugely successful animation Wallace and Gromit.

Original design with Nick Park's signature. It represents Gromit, the main character of the movie "Wallace and Gromit". Blue pen. 10cm x 11.3cm. No date. Excellent condition. Single piece.

Nick Park (born 1958) is a British animation producer, creator and director of the "Wallace and Gromit" series and the feature film "Chicken Run", with the famous Dreamworks. Both of Park's films were huge box office hits, nominated for and winners of a number of awards including the Academy Awards.

Wallace and Gromit are two fictional characters, created by Nick Park. Wallace, a slightly crazy inventor, loves cheese and his partner, Gromit, is a mute dog who only expresses himself through facial expressions and body language. The characters are made of modeled clay on a metal frame and filmed using animation techniques.

Wallace and Gromit are icons of modern British culture, and the famous BBC News considers them "one of the best known and loved stars to come out of the UK". Some experts claim that they will contribute "more to improving the image of the British than any officially appointed ambassador" !

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