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Drawing by Salvador Dali for a book by Maurice Sandoz (1944)

Drawing by Salvador Dali for a book by Maurice Sandoz (1944)

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Christmas 1944, the painter Salvador Dali - a refugee in the United States - presents friends with a colorful drawing.

American edition of Maurice-Yves Sandoz's book "Fantastic Memories", published in 1936, with a pen-drawing dedication by Salvador Dali during Christmas 1944. Recipient(s) of dedication not identified. The book contains 129 pages and is written in English, but Dali's dedication is in French. 18 cm x 26 cm. U.S. Excellent condition. Single piece.

To (...) Affectionate memory, Christmas 1944 .

Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989) was one of the most important surrealist artists in Spain, working as a visual artist, painter and sculptor. His work had several influences, such as Pablo Picasso, who he met in Paris in 1929, in addition to the psychological works of Freud. In the 1930s, a period of great artistic production, Dalí was part of the artistic movement known as Surrealism. His works, with an extraordinary artistic quality, are almost always representations of a bizarre universe, such as the famous “Persistence of Memory” (1931), “Soft Construction with Boiled Peas: Premonition of the Civil War” (1936), “The Sleep” (1937) or “Giraffe on Fire” (1937).

Maurice-Yves Sandoz (1892 - 1958) was a Swiss writer, specialized in fantastic literature, participated in the surrealist movement and admired Dali.

Dali personalized the book through this drawing made with a natural feather. He used black Chinese ink and red ink, representing a surrealist scene: a mother accompanied by a girl who points to a shooting star. At the time he created this drawing, during World War II, Salvador Dalí was a refugee in the USA (since 1936).

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