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Drawing and dedication by Carybé and Jorge Amado to Vinícius de Moraes (1962)

Drawing and dedication by Carybé and Jorge Amado to Vinícius de Moraes (1962)

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A rare first edition features an original dedication by Carybé and Jorge Amado to Vinícius de Moraes.

  • Watercolor representing capoeiristas, a dedication by Carybé and a small signature (blue pen) by Jorge Amado - for Vinícius de Moraes and Maria Lucia Proença (Lucinha), the poet's fourth wife.
  • Book As Sete Portas da Bahia, first edition of 1962.
  • 331 pages.
  • In Portuguese.
  • 16 cm x 23 cm.
  • Good general condition, some moisture stains.
  • Unique piece.

For my brother Vinícius and Lucinha, playing the berimbau
and George,
Carybé 62

A rare and out-of-print work, released in 1962, the book talks about Bahian culture, bringing together more than 200 illustrations of famous places and traditions in Bahia: Pelourinho, the game of capoeira, Conceição da Praia, Festa do Bomfin, the Festa Yemanjá or Candomblé, among others. The texts are by Carybé himself and Jorge Amado.

Born in 1911 in Argentina, Carybé (1911 - 1997) moved to Brazil as an adult, where he spent most of his life. He lived in Rio de Janeiro for some time, but it was with Bahia and its culture that Carybé fell in love from 1938 onwards. Afro-Brazilian rituals, popular traditions such as capoeira, religion, the natural and architectural beauties of the State, inspired constantly the painter, sculptor, muralist, cameraman and book illustrator.

Very cultured, Carybé drew, "completing the writing", for dozens of Brazilian and foreign authors such as Mario de Andrade, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Walt Whitman, Vinícius de Moraes or Jorge Amado, of whom he was a great friend. He participated in dozens of solo and group exhibitions around the world, such as the São Paulo Biennale in 1971 or the Venice Biennale in 1956.

The first edition in good condition of a fundamental book of Brazilian culture, this piece is exceptional because it was owned by Vinícius de Moraes, for whom Carybé and Jorge Amado intended this delicate drawing and this small poetic phrase. A witness to the friendship and respect between these three monsters of Bahian and Brazilian culture.

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