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Ten small photographs of Rio de Janeiro (1960s)

Ten small photographs of Rio de Janeiro (1960s)

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A French tourist records Rio de Janeiro in the 1960s.

  • Ten small photographs of Rio de Janeiro, during the 1960s, with notes in French.
  • Anonymous photographer.
  • 3 sheets (12 cm x 18 cm, 19 cm x 10.5 cm, 9 cm x 14 cm), each photograph measures ~ 5.5 x 3.5 cm.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique set.

I invented the following text to describe this set for you:


I can't believe that I finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Do you remember those images we saw of the city on television at Uncle Pepe's house? The reality is even better, everything is new and at the same time classic and elegant, it seems like a dream. Still, nothing is more immense, infinite and beautiful than the sea. Sister, you need to visit Copacabana, this was the first place I came to as soon as I left the airport and now I come back here to write you these few words, I want to absorb everything and not forget any detail.

Do you remember when we went to the stream near our house and said that that thin water must be like the sea, I'm sorry to tell you, but we were wrong, the sea is much more, so strong when it breaks into waves on the sand, but so gentle in the smell of its breeze, it is an endless blue, and even when looking at the horizon, it is impossible to see the other side! And the women in swimsuits, with their entire legs showing, Dad would go crazy! By the way, how is Dad?

I know he's still furious about my trip, that Brazil and big cities are not places for single moms, and I know he doesn't want to hear from me. Still, if I could just tell him I'm okay. I found a little room in a guesthouse in Botafogo, just for women! And there I met Dona Alzira, a very kind widow who, upon hearing my story, gave me a job as her assistant in her studio. You'll see, soon I'll be a well-known French seamstress in Rio de Janeiro and I'll make Dad proud.

But while that day doesn't come, I'm taking the opportunity to go for a walk, I've already walked around the lagoon, along the shore, seen the corcovado, and, man, some huge buildings! I don't know how these people manage to live one above the other, they must listen to everything their neighbors say. At the pension, they already explained to me that these apartments facing the sea are the most expensive in the city, and I understand, what a privilege it will be to wake up every day and come face to face with this blue. While I can't afford that luxury, I'm going to the beach and taking the tram back to Botafogo. Sister, know that you will always be welcome if you want to visit me, just like mom and dad.

When I go back to France, I'll take you some records, there's a new rhythm that's played here, Bossa Nova, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard, so sweet and smooth that it could only have been born in this city, I bet whoever invented Bossa Nova was looking at the sea.

A warm hug from your sister who loves you very much.


I liked this little set, I thought it was unique and poetic. Like Rio de Janeiro.

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