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Document signed by Fidel Castro (2001)

Document signed by Fidel Castro (2001)

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Cuban leader Fidel Castro signs a diploma congratulating a Cuban worker for his social involvement.

  • Name recognition diploma where Fidel Castro congratulates the Cuban worker Eddy Villa Padilla for having participated in the "Brigadas Universitarias del Trabajo Social".
  • Signature of Fidel Castro.
  • 30 cm x 42 cm.
  • Cuba, July 26, 2001.
  • Good state.
  • Unique piece.

Cuban revolutionary born in 1926, Fidel Castro (1926 - 2016) overthrew Batista, the dictator supported by the United States, in 1959. He nationalized industry and established close ties with the Soviet Union. Cuba became one of the central actors in Cold War geopolitics.

After his surgery in 2006, Castro transferred power to his younger brother Raúl Castro but remains First Secretary of the Communist Party. In almost five decades, Fidel Castro was the longest non-monarchical regime in history.

This historical document is a direct and concrete witness to the communist system in which Fidel Castro believed his entire life and, perhaps, one of the few positive aspects of the ideology: the recognition and congratulations given to workers who participated in community activities. And, of course, Castro's great signature that enhances this piece even more.

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