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Historical document on Apollo 11 (1971)

Historical document on Apollo 11 (1971)

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The manufacturer of the Apollo 11 lunar module explains to the media all aspects of the mission.

  • Published by Grumman Corporation, official document from the manufacturer of the Eagle lunar module for the Apollo 11 mission, with illustrations and technical drawings.
  • Approximately 200 pages.
  • In English.
  • 23 cm x 28 cm.
  • Published in Bethpage, New York State, United States.
  • 1971.
  • Good state.


1. Mission description / 2. Apollo spacecraft / 3. Lunar module / 4. Crew personal equipment / 5. Controls and displays / 6. Guidance, navigation and control / 7. Main propulsion / 8. Reaction control / 9. Electrical power / 10. Communications / 11.Instrumentation / 12. Lighting / 13. PLSS / 14. LM anatomy / 15. LM derivatives / 16. Background / 17. Glossary / 18. Contractors / 19. The moon / 20. Index.

Apollo 11 was the first mission of the Apollo program to land on the moon, on July 20, 1969. Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin and Michael Collins fulfilled President John F. Kennedy's ambition to land a man on our planet. nearest star and bring him safely back to Earth before the end of the 1960s. Hundreds of millions of viewers in Florida and on television around the world followed Armstrong's historic first walk.

This document is a complete guide to all aspects of the lunar module and the first mission. It was designed by the Grumman Corporation and sent to major television channels and major North American newspapers at the time that covered Man's first steps on the Moon. An exceptional document for fans of the conquest of space.

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