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Envelope handwritten by Alberto Santos Dumont for Paul Tissandier (1927)

Envelope handwritten by Alberto Santos Dumont for Paul Tissandier (1927)

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In 1927, Santos Dumont writes to his friend Paul Tissandier.

  • Envelope with the address of Paul Tissandier in France, written by Alberto Santos Dumont in Switzerland.
  • An envelope, without the letter.
  • Front and back.
  • In French.
  • 14.5cm x 11.7cm.
  • Switzerland, 19 November 1927.
  • Good condition, some rain stains, probably when the French post office delivered the letter.
  • Unique piece.

Between 1929 and 1931, Alberto Santos Dumont (1873 - 1932) returned to France for the last time to stay in sanatoriums, both located in southwestern France: one in Orthez and the other in Biarritz. After a year's stay, he returned definitively to Brazil, where he died the following year.

It was during this period that Santos Dumont, who was very weak, met Paul Tissandier (1881 - 1945), son of the Frenchman Gaston Tissandier, famous engine inventor. Trained as a pilot by American brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright, Paul also had experience with airships, hovercrafts, cars and machines, all of which achieved many speed records. In this way, a great friendship was born between Santos Dumont and Tissandier.

This piece, in perfect condition, with four lines of the aviator's beautiful writing, allows you to start a “Santos Dumont” or “aviation pioneers” collection with a reduced investment.

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