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Autographed photograph of Mistinguett (1919)

Autographed photograph of Mistinguett (1919)

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Madame Mistinguett signs a great photograph at the height of her career.

Original photograph by Mistinguett, signed by the artist. Unknown photographer. 19cm x 25.7cm. 1919. Excellent condition. Single piece.

Those who think that only swords and cannons make revolutions are wrong, in the world of women, where every right is an achievement, often following your dreams and respecting your individuality become revolting actions that are anything but banal. A great example of this is Mistinguett, the famous French artist who transformed the 20th century with her short skirts, dances and cigarettes, and left a musical legacy that should be celebrated. In the previous weeks we presented Bidu Sayão, and Carlos Gomes, now we bring the vitality of Mistinguett. To hard times, good music!

Jeanne Bourgeois, artistically known as Mistinguett, was born in 1875, and began in her youth to show the traits of the determined woman who would transform the world. The little interpreter began her artistic career working as a flower seller in a restaurant, where she sang popular ditties for her customers. Determined, when she noticed that she needed to improve her aptitude, she made her parents pay for dance and singing lessons. And finally, at the age of 20, in 1895, he had his debut at the Casino de Paris. Also performing in shows at the Moulin Rouge, Folies Bergère and Eldorado, she soon found success, becoming the most popular and richest star of her time.

Mistinguett's career took off at the beginning of the 20th century, and she even participated as an actress in the first French films, still silent. The muse conquered Paris and soon became known not only in France, but in other countries of the world, including Brazil. The famous star had a romance with a Brazilian diplomat with whom she had a son, born in 1901, and in 1923 she even visited Brazil, where she sang at the inauguration of the famous Copacabana Palace .

But it was a few years before the trip to Brazil that one of the most curious events in Mistinguett's career took place. Loved by the public and considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, in 1919, at the age of 44, she took out an insurance policy to cover her legs, so important were these instruments to her career. The insurance had a value of 500,000 francs, a millionaire amount for the time. Her youthful appearance, charming smile, and famous legs, as you can see in the photo she signed in the same year, do not deny the impact that Mistinguett caused around her. What was she thinking at the moment she was photographed?

Mistinguett impacted the world with the sensuality of her dance, but also with her daring, long before Coco Chanel, she displayed her short hair and smoked in public, unthinkable attitudes for a woman at the beginning of the 20th century. Her strength paved the way for many other women, and this road continues to be paved even today. Especially in the difficult times we live in, it is important to remember the effort and struggle of those who preceded us, and to celebrate the art they created, which is why we invite everyone to celebrate the music of Mistinguett and other authors and singers who have brightened the history of the world.

Anyone who loves and knows French and European culture knows that Mistinguett symbolizes the joy and daring of Paris during "les années folles". This photograph, large and in immaculate condition, features one of the most beautiful signatures I have ever seen from this legendary artist.

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