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Photograph autographed by Charles De Gaulle

Photograph autographed by Charles De Gaulle

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Photograph signed by France's most admired politician of the 20th century, Charles de Gaulle, hero of the Second World War.

  • Photograph signed by Charles de Gaulle.
  • 9 cm x 14 cm.
  • No date.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

General Charles de Gaulle (1890 - 1970) was France's most important politician of the 20th century. It was during the Second World War that he became a national figure when, from London, with Winston Churchill, he rejected the signing of the armistice with the Nazis and made his famous speech to the French on BBC radio on June 18, 1940, encouraging resistance against German troops.

After the war, Charles de Gaulle founded the Fifth French Republic of which he was the first President, from 1959 to 1969. He managed to put an end to political chaos, controlled inflation, created a new currency, stimulated industrial growth, granted independence to former French colonies and developed nuclear weapons, with the aim of freeing France from military dependence on the Americans and the English.

Charles de Gaulle is one of the great historical figures of the 20th century that collectors actively seek out. Furthermore, this old photograph, autographed by the head of state, remains in perfect condition.

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