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Photograph with dedication by Frank Sinatra (1940s)

Photograph with dedication by Frank Sinatra (1940s)

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The famous crooner Frank Sinatra writes a Christmas dedication for a women's magazine in Rio de Janeiro.

Old photograph of Frank Sinatra, with a dedication by the American star for Jornal Das Moças. In English. ~18cm x 23.5cm. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, undated. Good state. Single piece.

Christmas Greetings
to Jornal Das Mocas
Frank Sinatra

On the back, stamped

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra (1915 - 1998) was one of the most important figures in popular music of the last century, with Elvis Presley and the Beatles. His career spanned 60 years, as a singer, actor and on television.

As a singer, among his musical hits are classics like Fly me to the moon, My Way or New York, New York. Sinatra was particularly fond of bossa nova and was a great admirer of Tom Jobim, they sang Garota de Ipanema together. He made a historic show in Brazil, in a Maracanã packed with 170,000 people, in 1980. Frank Sinatra also appeared in more than fifty films, including "A step from eternity" (1953) which earned him an Oscar for best actor. With an intense political participation in the United States, Sinatra was accused in the early 50's of being a member of the mafia and organized crime.

Jornal das Moças was a women's periodical published in the city of Rio de Janeiro, distributed in capitals across the country and in the main cities in the interior, which circulated in Brazil between 1914 and 1965. It had an average of 75 pages with texts and illustrations , dealing with subjects such as fashion, cinema, culinary recipes, cosmetics, etc.

"Luiz Fernandes (famous caricaturist of Carmen Miranda), was a Brazilian who sent these photos from the United States to be published in the magazine, as other artists did" says Ricardo Lessa Bastos, journalist.

Produced early in his career, Frank Sinatra's beautiful and grand writing, and the reference to Christmas, for which Sinatra was a symbol, make this document a special piece in the collection.

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