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Photograph of Alberto Santos Dumont's Demoiselle by Maurice Louis Branger (between 1906 and 1909)

Photograph of Alberto Santos Dumont's Demoiselle by Maurice Louis Branger (between 1906 and 1909)

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Maurice Louis Branger, a renowned Parisian photographer immortalizes four people leaning against Alberto Santos Dumont's "Demoiselle" plane.

Original photograph by Maurice Louis Branger, showing four people leaning against the "Demoiselle" plane of Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, in Bagatelle, near Paris. 16 cm x 10.7 cm. No precise date, probably between 1906 and 1909. Excellent condition.

For his first flights with the "Oiseau de Proie", Alberto Santos Dumont chose Campo de Bagatelle, in Paris. In 1906, in a public demonstration, he flew about 60 meters at a height of two to three meters.

The Demoiselle, also known as Libellule, was the best model that Santos Dumont developed, the smallest and cheapest at the time. The first tests were carried out in 1907, with the aim of manufacturing the plane on a large scale and, thereby, popularizing aviation. More than forty units were built.

Maurice Louis Branger (1874 - 1950) was a famous Parisian photographer from the 1910s. Versatile and very active, he photographed the main events in the life of Paris at the time: political, cultural, sporting events, etc... and the first world war . His photographs of Paris are known worldwide.

A famous French photographer of the time created an original image in perfect condition of the Demoiselle, Santos Dumont's legendary plane: here we have the recipe for a very valuable document.

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