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Photo of the Tijuca Forest by Marc Ferrez

Photo of the Tijuca Forest by Marc Ferrez

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The famous photographer Marc Ferrez takes a photograph of the Tijuca Forest, in Rio de Janeiro, perhaps one of the first selfies in history.

  • Original photography of the Tijuca Forest by Marc Ferrez.
  • 18 cm x 24.5 cm.
  • Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, ~ 1880.
  • Yellowed paper, good condition.
  • Unique piece.

Marc Ferez (1843 - 1923), one of the pioneers of photography in Brazil, was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where he built his professional ideals as a photographer. Versatile, plural and restless, he built his work in harmony with nature. His ideal context began in 1865, when he opened, in an improved form, “Casa Marc Ferrez & Cia” in his homeland. He was married to Frenchwoman Marie Lefebvre in 1873, the year his studio was destroyed by fire. This tragedy did not inhibit his persistence in continuing his art. He went to Paris, bought new equipment and gave wings to his success, contemplating the position of photographer for the Geological Commission and protagonist of several works that absorbed the environment.

The Tijuca Forest was his inspiring corner for the creation of several works. In 1861, Dom Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil, created a recovery program for the area, which had been deforested to make charcoal. To build this project, which lasted around 13 years, it counted on the help of 100,000 slaves. Nowadays, the Forest is one of the main tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro, a lush space full of different plants, giant trees and waterfalls, an important place for Cariocas. It is also the climate regulator for the Marvelous City.

This photo called “Tijuca La Floresta”, signed by Marc Ferrez, constitutes a rare exhibition work. It was produced and titled on the plate, printed on albumin paper. The figure of the man, who contemplates statically, seems entranced by that skyscraper amidst the light and shadows. One cannot imagine that it is anyone other than Marc Ferrez, in love with what his eyes see. The impression is that he feels like an antithesis in the face of the gigantic development that empowers that moment.

Marc Ferrez's original photographs are highly sought after, especially by Rio de Janeiro and foreign collectors who visit Rio de Janeiro. The unusual theme, large format and excellent condition highlight this piece.

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