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Unpublished photograph by Alberto Santos Dumont

Unpublished photograph by Alberto Santos Dumont

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Alberto Santos Dumont accepts to be photographed with a mysterious woman and a child.

Original and unpublished photograph representing Alberto Santos Dumont with a woman and a girl. 8.2 cm x 10.9 cm. No information on exact date (1930s) and location. Excellent condition. Single piece.

In this photograph, everyone recognizes the characteristic silhouette of the aviator, already elderly, but who are this woman and this child who are not identified as someone "special" (family, friend, etc.)? Where did they meet and when?

It's the game, sometimes we discover documents that we know are rare or unique - apparently there is no record of this photograph - but they remain mysterious.

What we can assume is that the three people met in one place, due to the vegetation and the wooden structure, perhaps on the mountain, considering what appears to be fog. It could be the train platform located in front of the Cabangu Farm house, where Santos=Dumont was born, then in the municipality of Palmira, today Santos Dumont (MG). It could also be in Guaruja, in the garden in front of Praia das Pitangueiras, in 1932, shortly before Santos Dumont's death. The Iguazu Falls are another possibility. A collector also suggested the mountain town of Petrópolis, where "A Encantada" is located.

They are well dressed, perhaps for a social event. The trio seems to know each other a lot due to the proximity of the bodies, probably the child is the woman's daughter based on her facial features. Perhaps a sister of Santos Dumont. Anyway, the inventor was famous and people always wanted a picture with him.

Something unusual in this photo is an object placed on the ground, black, in the shape of a tube, to the left of the aviator: what is it? It is very reminiscent of the rigid leather cases often used in Rio Grande do Sul as a mate set. It could also be a spyglass or a modest handbag (in profile), where Alberto carried his belongings.

Private photographs of great historical personalities are always interesting, they allow us to know a little more about the lives of the illustrious people, with whom these people lived for a few moments or for longer periods. This photograph, in perfect condition, draws attention to the elegance and seriousness of the three characters, an unprecedented witness to the life of saints dumont and the twenties.

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