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Original photograph of a house in the Ipanema neighborhood (1927)

Original photograph of a house in the Ipanema neighborhood (1927)

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Photograph of a house in Ipanema, from 1927, when the neighborhood was still a village.

  • Original photograph of a house in the Ipanema neighborhood.
  • Unknown author.
  • Notes in Portuguese.
  • 8.2 cm x 13.8 cm.
  • 1927, Rio de Janeiro.
  • Unique piece.

“The Vila Esperança house where we lived in 1927, Rua Joaquim Nabuco 200, Ipanema.”

In 1927, Ipanema was still a family and peaceful village, but over time it would undergo considerable changes and gain economic value. Buildings with apartments took the place of old residences, aparthotels and large shopping centers appeared, making it a sophisticated neighborhood. Nowadays it is one of the main postcards of Rio de Janeiro and known worldwide for its charm and glamour .

Ipanema beach also served as inspiration for great artists, such as Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes. His region had always been frequented by intellectuals, artists and muses who would go on to set the tone for national fashion. It was in one of their bars that these two artists and friends would write the world-famous song Garota de Ipanema .

From then on, the custom of admiring the sunset from Ponta do Arpoador, between the large rocks that divide Ipanema Beach from Praia do Diabo, would become consolidated; but always accompanied by a good guitar. It was also in the waves of Arpoador beach that surfing was born in Brazil, in the 1950s. As a result, Ipanema marks the imagination of Rio people for its beauty and cultural richness.

This personal photograph, in excellent condition, shows a house where a family lived, a few meters behind the current Fasano hotel, at post 8, at the tip of Arpoador. For those who know and love both Rio de Janeiro and Ipanema, this photograph causes the sensation of transporting us to another time, giving a nostalgic touch to those who observe it.

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