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Autographed photographs by Francisco Alves and other musicians (1930s, 1940s and 1950s)

Autographed photographs by Francisco Alves and other musicians (1930s, 1940s and 1950s)

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Photo album autographed by the legends of Brazilian popular music from the 30s, 40s and 50s, such as Francisco Alves, Orlando Silva, etc.

Album with 22 autographed photographs for "Angela" of the most important Brazilian singers, musicians, composers and actors of the 1930s and 1940s. In the middle of the radio era, they created many samba classics and the famous Brazilian carnival. In Portuguese. 24 pages. 20 cm x 14 cm. Average condition, some stains. Single piece.

• Orlando Silva (1915 - 1978), the "singer of the crowds", was one of the most important Brazilian singers of the first half of the 20th century. He was discovered while singing in his car and became a huge success, considered by many to be the most beautiful voice in Brazil.

• Francisco Alves (1898 - 1952) was also one of the most popular singers in Brazil. Due to his firm and powerful voice, he was known as the "King of the Voice". He composed some masterpieces of Brazilian song: "Meu Companheiro", "A Mulher que stayed in the Cup", "Dona da Minha Vontade", "Por Teu Amor".

• Almirante (1908 - 1980) was a singer, songwriter, writer, broadcaster and pioneer MPB researcher. He recorded some eternal MPB classics, such as "Mulher Exigente" and "Na Pavuna". He also launched many anthological carnival marches. Researcher and collector, he managed to store 35,000 scores.

• Dircinha Batista (1922 - 1999) was also a hugely successful singer in Brazil. In more than forty years of career, she recorded more than three hundred albums in 78rpm, with many great hits, especially carnival songs. In addition, she worked as an actress in sixteen films.

• Joel (1913 - 1993) and Gaúcho (1911 - 1971) formed a duo in 1930, in Rio de Janeiro, which had its main phase until 1947. They launched "Pierrô passionate", a highly successful march at Carnival, which was added to a series of carnival hits such as "Cai, cai" and "Aurora". In the same year, the duo participated in the film "Alô, alô Carnaval" and performed at the Copacabana Palace Hotel. Gaúcho, later a producer, produced Roberto Carlos' first album in 1959.

Perhaps the only cliché in Brazil - with the passion for football - is completely true: music is part of Brazilians' daily lives like in few other nations or cultures! Choro and samba, the so-called Brazilian Popular Music, expanded a lot from the 1930s - in the Era of Radio and the first recordings - with some interpreters conquering a national and international audience. Thus began the worldwide fame of Carnival. Many of the talents on this unusual album will contribute significantly to Brazil's musical heritage.

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