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Signature of Sister Dulce (1984)

Signature of Sister Dulce (1984)

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In 1984, Sister Dulce signs the main biography that made known the extraordinary social and philanthropic work of the first Brazilian Saint.

Sister Dulce's dedication on the first page of the book "Irmã Dulce dos Probres", 11th edition, to a certain Andreline. 10 cm x 20 cm. No location information, 24th of ? from 1984. Good condition. Single piece.

In the mid-1950s, Sister Dulce (1914-1992) found a seriously injured man on the street and decided to take him to the Hospital das Clínicas, in Salvador. Upon arriving at the hospital with the patient on an improvised stretcher, she was prevented from entering by security, who stated that the hospital did not admit people without financial conditions to pay for medical care.

Outraged by the situation, Sister Dulce refused to leave the man on the street and spent the night with him on the sidewalk in front of the hospital, waiting for assistance. The episode generated great repercussions in the local and national press, and ended up drawing attention to the precariousness of the public health system at the time.

From that incident, Sister Dulce intensified her struggle for more dignified and equal medical care for the poor population of Bahia, becoming an active voice in defending the rights of the sick and excluded. He founded hospitals, kindergartens, nursing homes and schools in Salvador. She was also responsible for campaigns to improve the living conditions of rural workers, and fought for the construction of popular housing.

For her social work, Sister Dulce was recognized nationally and internationally, receiving several awards and honors, such as the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988. In 2019 she was canonized by Pope Francis, becoming the first Brazilian saint.

This biography of Sister Dulce, the best known, has become a great sales success in Brazil and abroad since its launch in 1983, with 18 editions to date (here the 11th), helping a lot to promote social and philanthropic work. from Sister Dulce to the whole world. This signature is the first I've seen from Santa in a decade.

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