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Large autographed portrait of Princess Isabel, the Count d´Eu and their children (1884)

Large autographed portrait of Princess Isabel, the Count d´Eu and their children (1884)

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In 1884, Princess Isabel and the Count d'Eu write a dedication on a large portrait.

Period portrait of Princess Isabel , the Count d'Eu and their three male children. Brazil, 1884 or 1885. 20 cm x 27 cm. Dedication in Portuguese by the hand of Conde d'Eu, signature of both, to Leonidia Vieira Braga Ribas. Excellent condition, light mark of an old frame on the edge (5 mm), which does not affect the dedication and the photograph. Single piece.

Donna Leonidia Vieira Braga Ribas
very affectionate memory
Gaston of Orleans & Conde d'Eu
Isabel Countess of Eu

After returning from Europe in December 1881, the imperial couple focused on their children's education until November 1884, when they made a visit to the Southern Provinces, returning to the Court in March 1885. It was at that time that this portrait of the Princess was made. Isabel , the Count d'Eu and their three male children: Pedro de Alcântara, Prince of Grão-Pará, Luís Maria Felipe do Brasil and Antônio Gastão.

Everything is elegant, delicate and interesting in this portrait.

First, it is a large-format portrait, 27cm x 20cm, in excellent condition, taken by Alberto Henschel, called many times to photograph the royal family. He was one of the most important photographers - and pioneers of photography in Brazil - who worked in the country in the second half of the 19th century.

Second, Princess Isabel 's attitude towards her children, especially Antônio Gastão, the youngest, draws attention. You can feel the deep maternal love of the Princess that contrasts with the military modesty of the Prince.

Anyway, even though I still don't know who the recipient was, the writing of the dedication and the two signatures, the Prince and the Princess, are perfect. The couple's dedications and letters were more frequent when exiled in France, but autograph documents from them before 1889 are much rarer, sought after and therefore valuable.

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