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Book with a dedication by Blaise Cendrars (1955)

Book with a dedication by Blaise Cendrars (1955)

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1955 limited edition of the book "L'Or", the main work of the French poet Blaise Cendrars, with a dedication.

  • Book "L´Or" (the Gold) by Blaise Cendrars with a dedication by the author.
  • Limited edition from 1955, printed in Switzerland.
  • 15 cm x 22 cm.
  • 210 pages.
  • It comes with a letter explaining precisely the context of this dedication.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

Marie-Louise Bürger
very cordial greetings
by Blaise Cendrars

Blaise Cendrars (1887 - 1961) was a Swiss novelist and poet, naturalized French. Renowned for his descriptions of travels, real or imaginary, Cendrars made seven visits to Brazil. The first of these occurred in 1924. He made friends with great Brazilian artists - writers, musicians and painters - in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. He also went to Minas Gerais with Mário De Andrade and Tarsila De Amaral, awakening the interest of modernists - until then fascinated by Europe - in the baroque art of the state of Minas Gerais, both regional and traditional.

It was a trip with Blaise Cendrars during Carnival that gave "a taste for the popular" to Tarsila Do Amaral, who fell in love with the poetry of favelas and humble people. A great friend of the painter, Cendrars also wrote the texts for the catalog for Tarsila's first exhibition in Paris, in 1926.

"L'Or" is the best-known work, translated worldwide, by Blaise Cendrars. Paul Eluard considered him one of the greatest French poets of the 20th century. Here we have a limited edition in excellent condition, completed by a beautiful dedication by the "most Brazilian" French writer of the 20th century. A very interesting additional detail, we have attached a letter from the person who got the autograph explaining the circumstances of the meeting with Blaise Cendrars.

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