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Manuscript postcard by Alberto de Santos Dumont to his brother-in-law (1926)

Manuscript postcard by Alberto de Santos Dumont to his brother-in-law (1926)

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In 1926, Alberto Santos Dumont sent news from the Swiss Alps to his brother-in-law, Guilherme.

  • Handwritten postcard from Alberto Santos Dumont to his sister Virgínia's family. On the back, a photograph of the “Château de Chillon et les dents du midi”.
  • One page.
  • Front and back.
  • In Portuguese.
  • 14 cm x 9 cm.
  • Switzerland, October 23, 1926.
  • In perfect condition.
  • Unique piece.

Dear Guilherme – Today we dawn with all the mountains covered in snow and right here it is falling! Thanks for the newspaper cuts. I still don't know what I'm going to do this is where I'm going. I have no news about Jorge, but I hope he does a good deal. I miss Virgínia, Margarida and everyone in the family.

A hug from Alberto.

One 23.10.26

G. Villares
195 av. Paulista
São Paulo
Le 15.11.26

Santos Dumont's three older sisters married three brothers, respectively. Guilherme was one of them, a miner, Virginia's husband and Margarida is believed to be the couple's daughter. The family lived on the prestigious Avenida Paulista, number 105, where Santos Dumont frequently stayed and where he was transported before his funeral in 1932.

Santos Dumont's letters to his family are unusual, especially with his informal signature: “Alberto”. The aviator, alone in the Swiss winter, expresses a certain melancholy to his relatives, he misses his sister, his family and probably Brazil. The recipient's address is also notable, which is significant in Santos Dumont's life. Anyway, an extremely important criterion for a collector, the card has been very well preserved and its condition is excellent.

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