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Handwritten postcard by Olavo Bilac

Handwritten postcard by Olavo Bilac

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A vibrant poem by the author of the lyrics of the Anthem to the Flag, Olavo Bilac: To live is to vibrate, to love, to enjoy, to suffer!

Postcard, with a handwritten poem signed by Olavo Bilac. In Portuguese. 13.5 cm x 9 cm. No date, no location. Medium state, acidified due to the quality of the paper. Single piece.

To live is to vibrate, to love, to enjoy, to suffer! Better to see the ocean tortured and beaten by storms, than to see a still and ignoble swamp... Olavo Bilac

Olavo Bilac (1865 - 1918) was a Brazilian journalist and poet, founding member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Author of some of the most popular poems, he is considered the most important of Brazilian poets. Bilac is also known for his attention to children's literature, for his civic participation and for having written the lyrics of the Hino à Bandeira.

Fun anecdote... In 1897, Olavo Bilac lost control of his car, one of the first in Brazil, and crashed into a tree on Estrada da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, being the first driver to suffer a car accident in Brazil!

Literature is one of the favorite subjects for collectors, especially when it comes to a great poet like Bilac and a particularly interesting autograph document like this one.

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