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Pelé's handwritten essay in college (1973)

Pelé's handwritten essay in college (1973)

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In 1973, Edson Arantes, alias Pelé, takes a test to obtain his Physical Education diploma.

Essay written and signed by Pelé at the Faculty of Physical Education in Santos. One page, front and back. In Portuguese. 22.2 cm x 32 cm. Santos, November 12, 1973. Fragile paper, with fold marks, some defects on the edge, but in good general condition. Single piece.


1st. What are the ecological factors that can influence recreation?
2nd. What are the human geographic factors that influence recreational activities?
3a. How many categories is the social group divided into?
4th. Name 3 important factors for a good pass time.
5th. What are the building blocks for recreation?


1st. The ecological factors that can influence the recreation are: the pollution of the air, of the water, [?] visual, etc. Density of populations, large and small concentrations, emigration, [?], tourism, population composition, age, sex and race, etc. Population increase.

2nd. Influences can be from [?], plateaus, mountains, desert, forests, glaciers.

3a. The social group is divided into 3 categories: primary, secondary and intermediate.

Primary: schools, churches, etc.
Secondary: television, cinema.


newspapers and magazines. Indirect influences.
Intermediate: direct and indirect, influences.

4th. A good pastime of being [?] that which [?] satisfies the social need of the group. A good hobby should be one of fun and pleasure and a good hobby should be practical and endless.

5th. The basic elements for recreation are: water, earth, air and fire.

Edson Arantes

Pelé (born in 1940) is undoubtedly the most famous and respected football player of all time, including the other players who have made history. In his career, he scored a total of 1281 goals in 1363 matches, a number that made him the top scorer in football history.

At the age of 15, he started playing for Santos FC. At 16, he was called up to the national team. At 17, he won his first FIFA World Cup, winning three cups in total, a unique record in football history.

In 1973, during his last year at Santos, Pelé graduated in Physical Education. In this test by Professor Jarbas, the player - already famous worldwide - answered five questions about the concept of "recreation". A month later, Pelé participated in Garrincha's jubilee, one last time together in a field, in Maracanã, in front of more than 150 thousand fans. Shortly afterwards, he also retired for the first time, before returning to the United States, at Cosmos in New York.

This writing, handwritten and absolutely unprecedented, presents Pelé as a student, something little known to the public and fans. An unmissable document for a King fan collector.

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