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Storyboard from the film Rain Man (1987)

Storyboard from the film Rain Man (1987)

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Eight pages of the original storyboard of the film Rain Man that revealed autism to the public, with star Tom Cruise.

Eight storyboard pages from the film Rain Man, for the « accident » scene. Artist signature James Hegedus. Drawings and various notes, in black pen. 21.6 cm x 28 cm. 1987. Excellent condition. Single piece.

rain man is a cinema classic, awarded four Oscars in 1989. Charlie Babbitt, a young entrepreneur, travels to a psychiatric hospital to find out who is the beneficiary of the fortune his father left him after he died. Charlie finds out that the beneficiary is Raymond, an autistic older brother he didn't know. The two then travel United States, learning to live together despite various difficulties. Finally, very worried about his brother, money ceases to be a priority for Charlie.

A storyboard – a sequence of comics – aims to mark the main passages of a story that will be told in a film as closely as possible to how it will appear on screen. A good storyboard should convey the rhythm, mood and emotions of the scenes. The storyboarding process, as it is known today, was developed by the Walt Disney Studios in the early 1930s.

Storyboards from great films are very rare as directors and actors often keep these documents as souvenirs of their work.

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