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Telegram from Winston Churchill (1948)

Telegram from Winston Churchill (1948)

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Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of England during the Second World War, liked to paint in his free time.

  • Original telegram written by the Dietikon telegraphy office in Switzerland, following an order from Winston Churchill to his painting supplier, Willy Sax.
  • One page.
  • In English.
  • 21 cm x 14.8 cm.
  • Switzerland, November 17, 1948.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

In urgent need of rose gold madder or as close to it as you can get, Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965), was Prime Minister of England during two periods, from 1940 to 1945 and from 1951 to 1955. During the Second World War, his intransigence and incisive speech against the enemy encouraged an entire nation and made a symbol of British resistance to Nazism.

Painting was Winston Churchill's hobby, which he developed seriously and with some success. He began painting in imitation of his sister, to overcome his depression. He is best known for his impressionist landscape scenes, many of which were painted on vacation in the south of France. He exhibited in Paris in 1921 and sold some paintings.

Churchill wrote one day:

The cultivation of a hobby and new forms of interest is, therefore, a policy of primary importance for a public man... Happy are the painters, as they should not be alone. Light and color, peace and hope, will keep them company at the end, or almost at the end of the day.

The recipient of this telegram is called Willy Sax, respected Swiss, manufacturer of high quality paint for many famous painters. Willy Sax wrote a book about his friendship with Winston Churchill.

This very original telegram shows the "personal" side of a great political leader, his artistic talents and his creativity.

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