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Three Signatures of Pelé (1960)

Three Signatures of Pelé (1960)

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In 1960, Pelé, just 20 years old and already World Champion, signed a bank document three times with his full name.

  • Bank document signed three times by Pelé when he was 20 years old.
  • A leaf.
  • 15 cm x 10.5 cm.
  • In Portuguese.
  • Santos, 10/28/1960.
  • Good condition, tape on the back.
  • Unique piece.

At the time, Pelé (born in 1940) had been playing and living in Santos for four years and was at the peak of his career, the year 1961 being considered by experts as the most prolific year of the player who scored 110 goals, one year after winning. of its first World Cup and Brazil's First World Cup. This bank document was written at a Banco de Minas branch in the city of Santos, we have no information about its purpose or the other people mentioned.

Pelé is one of the best-known Brazilian personalities in the world and is still very popular, like another sporting genius, Ayrton Senna. His autographs are not very rare, he was always very attentive to his fans, but more unique documents such as letters, manuscripts or autograph documents from him as a young man are much rarer and sought after by collectors all over the world. Found in Brazil recently, this document, with three Edson A. de Nascimento signatures, is absolutely unique. We especially liked the information on the back: Profession “footballer”. Yes, The footballer, the greatest of all, the King.

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