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Three unpublished photographs of Che Guevarra (1960s)

Three unpublished photographs of Che Guevarra (1960s)

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In the 1960s, Che Guevara put his ideas into action by doing volunteer work

Three photographs of Che Guevara, photographer unknown. 14 cm x 9.2 cm, 11.1 cm x 8.2 cm and 9.9 cm x 7.9 cm. Cuba, 1961-1962. Excellent condition. Single set.

In 1960, Che Guevara (1928 - 1967) developed the concept of the "new socialist man" who would favor the general interest in altruistic aspirations. He emphasized the importance of voluntary work and sought to set an example on weekends, offering to work in factories, sugarcane fields and ports.

This tradition continues in Cuba, a model of international solidarity, such as Cuban doctors, who work in various countries around the world on a voluntary basis.

These photos, which had never been published, were part of a private album, recently discovered in France, but without information about the owner. They were probably taken by someone who lived with Che Guevara during these volunteer work.

The first photo was taken in February 1962, somewhere in Camagüey, Cuba. In it, he shows that sugarcane can be cut mechanically. The following photos show him participating in the construction of a school, also in Cuba, in November 1961.

Was Che Guevara a national hero, romanticized by the Cuban Revolution, or an intransigent terrorist? We'll never know for sure, as his life story reflects a bit of both. These three unpublished photographs are a new testament to the human side of his legendary life.

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