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Storyboard from the movie Forrest Gump (1993)

Storyboard from the movie Forrest Gump (1993)

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Two drawings from the storyboard of the great movie Forrest Gump, with Tom Hanks: "mama on housesteps" and "a box of chocolate".

Storyboard featuring two scenes from the movie Forrest Gump: "Forrest Gump and mama on housesteps" and "Forrest Gump and a box of chocolate". Artist signature James Hegedus. 30.5 cm x 23 cm. United States, 1993. Thin yellow paper, pencil drawing. Excellent condition. Single piece.

Forrest Gump is one of the best films in cinema history, a huge box office success that won no less than six Academy Awards. With a very creative and surprising script, the film is a lot of fun and features numerous historical and cultural references.

Some interpreted the film as a critique of the mediocrity of American society, in which a mentally disabled person becomes decisive in the history of the United States. However, the majority of the public, like director Robert Zemeckis, analyzed the film as the story of a hero who, despite his difficulties, manages to succeed in life, working hard and believing in his dreams.

In this storyboard, the quality and level of detail of James Hegedus' drawings is impressive. A recognized professional in Hollywood, he also took over the production of storyboards for other great cinema successes such as Rainman, Duro De Matar 4, Batman or Shrek, among others.

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