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Handwritten letter from Dom Pedro II (1874)

Handwritten letter from Dom Pedro II (1874)

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Emperor Dom Pedro II chooses a diplomat to negotiate, in 1874, an agreement on the border with Peru.

Letter patent signed by Dom Pedro II, with his large bold signature, appointing Felippe José Pereira Leal, Imperial Counselor, Supervisor of His Majesty the Emperor, and Ambassador of Peru, as plenipotentiary to negotiate and draw up an agreement with the Peruvian plenipotentiary on " the border with the empire in the region of the river Içá or Putumayo" , also signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Viscount of Caravellos. One page. In Portuguese. 51.4 cm x 36 cm. Palace, Rio de Janeiro. January 10, 1874. Excellent condition. Single piece.

Dom Pedro II (1825 - 1891) was the second and last monarch of the Empire of Brazil, reigning the country for 58 years. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, the youngest son of Emperor Dom Pedro I, who quickly abdicated: at the age of five, Pedro II was already Emperor, growing up with the desire to support his country and the Brazilian people.

During his reign, Dom Pedro II strongly developed Brazil which became an emerging power. Political stability, the abolition of slavery despite opposition and freedom of expression made him a monarch admired internationally by personalities such as scientist Charles Darwin, writer Friedrich Nietzsche and composer Richard Wagner. Despite his popularity, he was overthrown and spent the last two years of his life in exile in Europe.

Dom Pedro II is the Brazilian personality most sought after by Brazilian collectors.

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