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Princess Isabel's handwritten letter (1876)

Princess Isabel's handwritten letter (1876)

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Princess Isabel, responsible for the end of slavery in Brazil, sends her Christmas wishes to a cardinal.

  • Handwritten letter from Princess Isabel to the Italian Cardinal, Teodolfo Mertel.
  • Four pages, two of which are blank, with the original envelope and its wax seal.
  • In old Portuguese.
  • 23.7 cm x 29.4 cm.
  • Rio de Janeiro, June 1, 1876.
  • Good state.
  • Unique piece.

Illustrissimo and Revenderissimo in Christo Padre Cardinal Mertel Meu as a very imprisoned brother.

(...) I received with satisfaction the letters, in which you express to His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress your feelings on the occasion of the Blessed Christmas just past. I am very grateful for the expressions of your wishes for the happiness of My August Parents as well as for the prosperity of the Empire (...)

Written at the Palace of Rio de Janeiro on June 1, 1876.

Isabel Princeza Imperiale Regente.

In 1876, Princess Isabel assumed, for the second time, the role of regent of Brazil, during her father's long trip to the United States. The scenario was turbulent: an electoral reform that aimed to prevent fraud and violence in voting had failed, a drought devastated the Northeast and there was the so-called "Religious Question", which put the princess in the crossfire between the Church and the government. The press did not spare the princess and her ability to replace her father was put to the test. Isabel returned to private life, spending more time in Petrópolis, where she and her husband, Conde D'Eu, acquired a house: Princess Isabel's first two children were born there and Dom Pedro II was there when he became aware of the military movement that established the Republic.

Teodolfo Mertel (1806-1899) was an important Italian cardinal, the last to assume that position without having been a priest.

Princess Isabel is one of the historical personalities most admired by Brazilians; Her handwritten letters, in excellent condition like this piece, are highly sought after by collectors. Additional interesting detail here, the year 1876 was important for Princess Isabel.

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