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Handwritten letter from the Count d'Eu (1916)

Handwritten letter from the Count d'Eu (1916)

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In 1916, the Count d'Eu suffered from old age, but continued to be curious and studying Brazil.

Handwritten letter from Gastão d´Orléans, the Count of Eu, to José Ribeiro Amaral. 1 folded sheet, 3 handwritten pages. In Portuguese. 12.4 cm x 17 cm. France, October 3, 1916. Excellent condition. Single piece.

1st page

October 3, 1916

Illustrious José Ribeiro do Amaral
I've wanted to have you for a long time
thank you for the kind shipment
of its remarkable pamphlet “The foundation
of Belém” in which he notifies the
dates accepted in the booklet
same title by Venerable Candido Costa
hardworking researcher of
homeland and extracted history
of the narrative and somewhat incorrect,
by Bernardo Pereira de Berredo
entered Captain General of that State,

2nd page

in the 18th century.
old age progresses
and it makes it difficult for me
simpler things, the more
that there is no lack of worries and
comings and goings.
The reason was also stated
that you prove to me to this day
tell him how much they will pawn me
your affectionate congratulations
on my birthday.
My son Luiz who is not yet
fully restored and currently
is here with us while

3rd page

the approach of winter
does not force you to look for weather
more favorable, asks me to
also thank you for
exemplar that to you sincerely
assigned you.
Receive, Venerable Ribeiro do Amaral,
the fond memories
of this old friend,
Gaston of Orléans.

Gastão de Orléans, the Count d'Eu (1842 - 1922) is best known for having been, from 1864 onwards, the husband of Princess Isabel, second daughter of Emperor Dom Pedro II and Empress Teresa Cristina. Military, already heir to the throne, took the place of the Duke of Caxias as Commander of the Brazilian Forces, during the war in Paraguay, when he was only 28 years old. It was under his command that the war ended.

He wrote this letter from the Château d'Eu, which became the residence of the Brazilian Imperial Family in exile at the end of the 1870s. According to Alban Duparc, Director of the Château d'Eu, " The Count d´Eu, like his wife and his stepfather, he was interested in many areas (...), like all people in high society. He was also much sought after and his Prince education made him respond personally, and respectfully, to everyone, even strangers."

But José Ribeiro do Amaral (1853 - 1927) was not unknown: an illustrious man from Maranhão, he was professor and director of the Liceu Maranhense, reorganized and directed the Public Library, published several works on the History of Maranhão, presided over the Academia Maranhense de Letras and founded the Historical and Geographical Institute of Maranhão.

Husband of Princess Isabel, Conde d'Eu was French, but, due to his marriage, he was linked to Brazil his whole life, with countless trips, personal and official, between the two countries. It was even during a last trip to Brazil that he died, in 1921.

This extensive letter, in excellent condition, with the heading EU, stands out for showing the Count already at 74 years of age - Old age is progressing and it already makes the simplest things difficult for me - but still very active socially and with a great desire to enrich his life. culture, especially Brazilian. A quality piece for a collector focused on the Brazilian imperial family.

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