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Princess Isabel's handwritten letter (1907)

Princess Isabel's handwritten letter (1907)

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"I would be very happy if you came to the concert"

  • Unpublished handwritten letter from Princess Isabel to the Count and Countess Costa de Beauregard.
  • One page.
  • In French.
  • April 30, 1907, Boulogne-sur-Seine.
  • 12.2 cm x 17 cm.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Unique piece.

French transcription

Le concert aura lieu Salle de l´Horticulteur, 84 rue de Grenelle. 30 April 1907, Boulogne-sur-Seine.

Cher Comte et Comtesse Costa de Beauregard.

J´organise pour le 24 mai le concert en faveur de ma chère (name unidentified). Vous seriez bien aimables de vouloir bien prendre les billets ci-inclus.

Si vous ne pouviez les garder je vous priores de me les renvoyer le plus tôt possible. Je serais bien heureuse que vous veniez au concert ou envoyiez quelqu´un à votre place. It's time to come!

Votre bien affectionnée.

Isabelle Comtesse d'Eu.

Perhaps the most beloved of Brazilian monarchs, Princess Isabel went down in history as the woman who put an end to the long and painful period of slavery, which still represents a deep scar in the construction of our society. Still, few remember that, with the proclamation of the republic, in 1889, Isabel, like the entire royal family, was exiled and prohibited from setting foot on Brazilian soil. Expatriation was a complex period in the life of the princess who, in addition to losing the right to live in the country where she grew up, was also deprived of a large part of her assets. Still, recently discovered documents show that Princess Isabel maintained an active social life during her exile in France.

The letter dated 1907, written by the princess herself, reveals that she was organizing a concert in Boulogne sur Mer. This is a precious perspective on the famous monarch's daily life, especially given the little that is known about the period, since, after her expulsion from Brazil, Isabel decided to live a discreet life.

Upon returning to Europe, the imperial family first disembarked in Portugal, where Isabel's mother, Teresa Cristina, died within a few weeks. Isabel settled for a period in southern Spain, but soon the entire royal family moved to a hotel in Cannes, France, after receiving a large loan from a Portuguese banker that allowed them to enjoy such privileges. . However, Isabel and Gastão, her husband, moved the following year to a private villa, which was more economical than a hotel stay. They even went to a country house near Versailles before their final move to Château d'Eu, in Normandy, the former home of Gaston's grandfather, King Louis Philippe I of France.

During her period of exile in France, Isabel chose a measured life, away from the spotlight, to the point that she never publicly supported the attempts to restore the monarchy that took place in Brazil. As a result of this modest lifestyle, little is known about the princess's daily life in those years. That's why your letter organizing a concert is so important, it gives us the possibility of exploring the mysteries of Princess Isabel's daily life. How would it feel to receive an invitation to a princess concert?

Brazilian history is full of remarkable characters, Princess Isabel is certainly one of the greatest protagonists in the more than 500 years recorded since the arrival of the Portuguese. The abolition of slavery signed by Isabel is, even today, celebrated as one of the most important episodes in our history as a country.

Knowing details about the life of the woman responsible for changing the course of the nation, in a period still so neglected by historians, is an opportunity to get to know the woman behind the crown. Isabel, like all of us, faced setbacks but never stopped being active.

Princess letters are very rare, especially in perfect condition and extensive with this one.

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