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Princess Isabel handwritten postcard

Princess Isabel handwritten postcard

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Princess Isabel writes to her friend, the Countess of Lages.

  • Handwritten postcard from Princess Isabel to the Countess of Lages.
  • One side.
  • In Portuguese.
  • 14 cm x 9 cm.
  • Probably from Château d´Eu, France, without information on the date.
  • Excellent condition, small artificial hole on the left side, without significant alteration to the text.
  • Unique piece.

My dear Countess,
Thank you all very much
your good notes for the day
July 29. Accept many
I miss us, accept me
your always dear friend
Isabel Countess D'Eu.
For Countess of Lages

The Imperial Princess of Brazil (1846 - 1921), better known as Princess Isabel, is the daughter of Emperor Dom Pedro II. A liberal woman open to the world, she signed the "Free Womb" Law in 1871, which gave freedom to the children of slaves and, in 1888, the Áurea Law, which abolished slavery in Brazil. Both decisions provoked great opposition among coffee and sugar farmers. Brazil was the last Western country to abolish slavery, which lasted three centuries, exploiting 12 million black Africans. From 1889, Princess Isabel went into exile in France, where she spent the rest of her life with her family.

Maria Caetana Eudóxia de Almeida, alias, Countess of Lages (1827 - 1913), was a lady of the Court in the service of Princess Isabel. She and her husband, the Count of Lajes, were close friends of the Counts of Eu, accompanying them on trips, such as to Europe in 1865, shortly after the Princess's wedding. Her close friend, the Countess shared her anguish regarding sterility and they went together to the city of Caxambu, known for its miraculous mineral waters. The influential Countess of Lages was also a friend of Francisca (Chica), princess of Joinville (1824 - 1898) and they exchanged confidences.

In this letter the Princess affectionately thanks the Countess for her birthday wishes on July 29th.

Handwritten letters from Princess Isabel are increasingly rare, even more so when they have more personal content and are in good condition. Also interesting is the postcard with a view of the interior of Castelo D'Eu, where the couple and their descendants lived for many years until 1945.

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